FEA: Saving Time and Money

Setting out to create advanced, innovative machines introduces unique challenges that can initially seem unsolvable. The research needed is lengthy and complicated and without its completion, the development stage is stalled. It is difficult to predict ahead of time just what the research entails, or how long it will take and a project can take so long to take off that competing companies can introduce a product that could make the entire endeavor irrelevant. Trying to set a timeframe for research is as difficult as setting a timeframe for finding a cure for Alzheimer. Sometimes, the answers are hard to find.

Mathematical Solutions


FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is the name of the methodology used to ease and simplify the machine design process. A mathematical system that can determine how the product will work, if and how it could wear out. The process is breaking down a design into a large number of elements and using equations to predict its behavior. This computerized numerical system can present real solutions by analyzing structure, fluidity, heat transfer and much more, depending on the specified needs.


This method is the science of breaking down complex equations into simplified ones, making the simplified model of the prototype easier to assess. The analysis allows visualization of the different requirements, through simulation processes. These simulations enable engineers to simplify the design, while achieving optimum performance. . Providing accuracy is a key element in minimizing important factors necessary for the machine like weight, materials and most importantly, cost.


Using FEA tools in solidworks and other programs, these simulations have greatly enhanced and upgraded various machine design processes. A device can be designed to the highest standards, providing a more accurate overview of its capabilities, with better understanding of the design requirements, while also enabling a much faster and more agile process of design. All this means less money spent, less prototypes necessary and increased revenue.


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