Mechanic Design-Turning Dreams into Reality


Throughout their lives, many people have at least one idea for an invention that would make life easier, something that in hindsight is impossible to do without. Since necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes, many creative ideas are conceived, yet the majority of them remain just that: ideas. Professional, specialized design is what makes the creative dream into a vivid, functioning reality.

It’s hard to comprehend how much human society has evolved in the last 200 years. The things our grandparents saw as incredible are matter of fact to us like television, ultrasound machines, even landing on the moon. These things began as projects that seemed like science fiction at the time. The human spirit strives for progress and innovation is progress. Yet, translating the imagined into the actual is not as easy as it seems.


Innovation Brought to Life

Try to imagine what it takes to create a car, an airplane or a rocket. Beyond the idea, one must envision the calculations needed for attaining speed and carrying the load. It is crucial to consider all the essential materials. Not only does the machine need to be efficient, safe and reliable; all the components have to work together. Furthermore, all this has to be affordable enough to allow manufacturing.

Mechanic design is what leads to creating new machines or upgrading existing ones. It is the applied knowledge of mathematics, engineering materials, physics, electrical theory, thermodynamics and other sciences. The process begins with mechanical design and drafting, technically figuring out the necessary specifications of assembling the machine. Drawing out the mechanics is essential for perfecting or upgrading any machine.

Through mechanical design systems, today’s ideas are tomorrow’s reality as they are always improving, always changing. At Meytar R&D, highly qualified engineers bring to life science fiction, like prosthetic limbs, advanced water filtering machines or personal heart monitors for expectant mothers. The catalogue of the projects we have done is here. Contact us – 09-9190290 to find out more about the work we do and let us to help you make your innovative dreams a reality.