Client: Pollogen Date: March 2017

• The geneO+ device is the latest innovation by Pollogen.
• The device is at the front of its technological frontier for anti-aging treatments.
• The device is based on OxyGeneo and TriPollar unique in-house technologies from Pollogen.
• Design from Meytar R&D is multi-disciplinary and included:

o Industrial design.
o Electronic design.
o Software design.
o Injection plastic molding design.
o Metal components design.
o Taking into account FDA/CE regulations.

• Ergonomics and user interface were emphasized during the design process.
• Final design for mass production, while maintaining cost-effectiveness.
• Main challenges during the design process were an ambitious (Time to Market) schedule, combined with interface requirements and definitions with the previous generations of the device.
• Design included full production support throughout the entire production stages (From concepts to mass production), in workshops and suppliers, both in Israel and abroad.