R&D Engineers- The Trailblazers of Technology


The profession of engineering has the reputation of being a dull, tedious line of work. Long hours of repetitive tasks or endless calculations do not seem like the makings of an interesting profession. Yet, R&D engineershave the distinction of being at the forefront of developing new ideas. Taking ideas and making them come to life, is the lifeblood of tech and mechanical design companies. Bringing forth advances such as prosthetic limbs, blood vessel connecting machines or explosive sniffers is almost like playing God. A profession that requires ingenuity and creativity as well as skill.


Making the Impossible Possible

Research requires thinking creatively, like using new algorithms or compressing data, discovering new things. When trying to assemble a machine or device that stems from an idea, an engineer must gather the combined knowledge of different scientific fields and consider the incongruences that typically arise. For this reason, a product that is thought out and applicable is a remarkable feat.

Arriving at the stage of development is the craft of transforming a need into a tangible product. Therefore, the R&D engineer must have all the information obtained by research for the project to come to life. Jules Verne’s books described incredible human technical accomplishments, proclaimed as science fiction at the time. Research and design is what brought to life these inventions, first through careful study of what they entail, and then actual models based on these plans. Through engineering, the sky is the limit for humankind.

At Meytar R&D, a multi-disciplinary mechanical design firm, we have a group of highly qualified, professional engineers from different technical fields. Find out more about our team here. Let us bring your ideas to life and let’s make the world better together.