Terms and Conditions


At Meytar R&D, we are committed to ensuring your privacy and protecting it whenever you are on our site.
In the privacy policy listed below you can find an explanation of how we may use your personal information.
We recommend reviewing this policy from time to time as it may be updated.
1. We collect only minimal data when our site is used by you. The following are the collection methods:
I. If you proactively provide for information by filling out a form and / or sending a direct e-mail using a dedicated button located under the “Contact Us” page.
II. Traffic data, number of inputs, location data, and any other communication that may be collected.
III. Any communication on our website or with a human factor that allows us to gather information.
2. The information collected about you allows us to improve our services or provide you with more information about us. In addition to this parameter, we may use your information for the following purposes:
I. Any obligation we make on a contract basis.
II. If the information requested from our web services or the products offered, we may use your data.
III. All identification data, which may reveal who you will not be shared. We only provide statistics about our visitors.
3. Storing your personal data
I. We take all reasonable procedures to ensure that your data is secured in agreement with our privacy policy as described here.
II. The servers used by our company take the highest level of security possible to ensure proper data storage.
III. The use of the Internet may not be completely secure. We cannot guarantee absolute data leakage, but we take all necessary steps to provide the best security available. As a result, you must be aware that the information you provide to us is at your own risk.
4. Disclosure of your personal information
Personal information may be disclosed to a third party only if it concerns our subsidiaries who have the same information retention policy and the same maximum security layers.
5. Links to third parties
There is some possibility that our site will include links belonging to a third party. It is your responsibility to review their terms. We do not accept responsibility for their privacy policy, as we cannot control the above sites.
6. Contact us
We hope you will not hesitate to query, comment, or request this privacy policy. Please contact us at [email protected]