Our vision

Comprehensive and detailed design services

Meytar R&D specializes in supplying comprehensive and detailed design services, with strong
emphasis on mechanical, multi-disciplinary design. Our motto is leading the development front in Israel, by upholding our creative, professional and innovative approach. Meytar R&D sets itself among Israel’s leading engineering firms, providing innovative solutions for product development in a wide variety of engineering disciplines.

our methodology

Kicks off with brain power

  1. Research and study

    • Close up study of the application
    • Extensive data gathering
    • System profiling
    • Solution spotting
    • Design process framing
  2. Conceptual design

    • Brainstorming
    • Requirement evaluation
    • Mechanical design concepts creation
    • Close proximity customer involvement
    • Conceptual industrial design
    • Functionality / feasibility / visual analysis
    • Mock-up fabrication
    • Versatility – name of the game

    Proof of Concept

    • Requirements definition
    • List of proofs to be made
    • Rapid process design
    • Design for proof of concept production
    • Rapid prototyping
    • POC performance evaluation
    • Conclusions & implementation
  3. General design

    • Concept finalzation
    • Mechanical components definition
    • Control & electronics definition
    • Assembly process plan
    • Design validation
    • BOM & initial cost estimation
  4. Detailed design

    • Prototype design optimization
    • Layout freeze
    • Checklist requirements
    • Parts design for prototype production
    • Stress /Strain calculations
    • FEA / CFD Analysis
    • Control & electronics implementation
    • Finalize design- materials, finishes, tolerances
  5. Prototype production assembly and integration

    • Full cooperation with manufacturing vendors
    • Complex assembly abilities
    • Lab integration with electronics and control
    • Customer site integration support
    • Testing support and prototype evaluation
  6. Full scale production

    • Cost reduction
    • Design optimization
    • Vendor selection assistance
    • Design for mass production
    • Mass production file
    • Vendor compliance
    • Full documentation
    • Beta site product

What we deliver

Outstanding quality service with high availability.

  • Never miss a deadline

    Our work method has been proven over many projects in obtaining optimal and effective solutions for complex mechanically oriented challenges, on tight schedules.

    Full front to back support

    Whether you are a small startup or a large company, our broad range of abilities can provide you with all of your project’s needs under one roof. You can count on us to lead your project in full transparency, letting you in on all of our resources. Our team is always there for you.

  • Full collaboration with your team

    Meytar R&D’s team has vast experience working in collaboration with our customer’s professional teams. Our customers count on us to provide them with effective and professional service. Meytar R&D is always there for our customers.

    Adapt to your needs

    Meytar’s work methodology will always be tailored to our customer’s needs. Our time-tested methods are always adapted to our customers’ requirements, views and schedule. Meytar will always adjust for its customers.

  • Provide refined solutions

    Our work method enables us to obtain optimal and effective solutions for complex mechanically oriented challenges. We offer a complete single engineering source, to answer all of our clients’ R&D needs in the development of products and projects. Meytar R&D will always provide its customers with quality and innovative solutions.

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Meytar R&D’s professional team is composed of highly professional and creative engineers, as well as skillful development staff in the fields of:

  • Product design
  • Mechanical / Plastic engineering
  • Materials and polymers
  • Electronic packages and control
  • Electronic hardware and software
  • Ergonomics and MMI

In recent years, we gained vast experience and recognition as a leading design and development company in the field of medical appliances development, with unique expertise which includes:

  • Apparatuses, devices and appliances in fields of implants / invasive / laparoscopic / endoscopic
  • Design appliances and apparatuses for medical aesthetics care / cosmetics treatment industries
  • Equipment, sub-systems and apparatuses in diagnosis / monitoring and scanning industries
  • Design of electronic and/or general equipment, styled enclosures and packages in a variety of manufacturing technologies

Our experience in the development of multi-disciplinary products includes:

  • Mechanical designing of complex mechanisms and multi-axis apparatuses, while meeting required degrees of freedom, tolerances, resolutions and repeatability.
  • Designing of linear, angular and precise motion apparatuses.
  • Designing of electro- and opto-mechanics.
  • Design and development of apparatuses, combined with leading edge control, motion, image processing, optomechanics and artificial intelligence.
  • Implementing advanced algorithms and decision making processes.
  • Working with the most advanced CAD software available, in continuous effort while combining FEA analysis, to achieve optimization of the design process and product.
  • Developing pneumatics, hydraulics and liquid-full apparatuses
  • Combining different apparatuses with heating and cooling elements.

Other fields of work:

  • Consumer products and gadgets in communication and cellular industry.
  • Design of consumer products for mass production, including expendable and disposable products.
  • Vast experience in food, chemistry and processes industries.
  • Automotive products and various components.
  • Ruggedized- enhanced stiffness systems withstanding extreme environments for homeland security industry.

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