Our Clients

We assimilate excellency through quality of service.

Below is a portion of our valued clients, from past and future projects.
Our services include a wide variety of solutions, starting from full turn key product design, and up to specific design fine tuning and correction.

Clients list

  • client-1 Mobileye
  • client-2 GM
  • client-3 GE
  • client-4 HP
  • client-5 Orbotech
  • client-6 Stratasys
  • client-7 Ormat
  • client-8 Pluristem
  • client-9 Vishay
  • client-10 Pollogen
  • client-11 Bayer
  • client-12 Neviot
  • client-13 Philips
  • client-14 ST
  • client-15 Dip-Tech
  • client-16 Coca Cola
  • client-17 ATVIO BIOTECH
  • client-18 Scodix
  • client-19 Mazor Robotics
  • client-20 Intuition Robotics
  • client-21 BlueWind