Advanced Medical technologies

At Meytar R&D, we excel in delivering precision-engineered solutions tailored to the stringent requirements of the medical devices industry. Our expertise ensures that every device we develop meets the highest international standards for safety and efficacy. By integrating multidisciplinary engineering precision with regulatory compliance, we create innovative solutions that seamlessly interface with the human body. Our team of experts includes highly trained professionals in biocompatible materials, ISO 13485 standards, and medical device design, with extensive experience in developing implants, invasive devices, monitoring equipment, and wearables.

With a commitment to excellence, we have successfully designed dozens of medical devices that span a broad spectrum of applications

Long and Short-term Implantable Devices:
We design durable implants for both temporary and permanent use, tailored to meet specific medical needs.
Permanent and Bio-degradable Implants
Our experience ranges from permanent solutions to bio-degradable options that safely dissolve within the body.
Advanced Stent Solutions and Precision Delivery Systems
We develop cardiac, vascular, and bronchial stents alongside precision delivery systems. Our solutions ensure optimal performance, biocompatibility, and precise deployment, using innovative materials and advanced catheter technology, meeting the highest regulatory standards for various medical applications.
Diverse Applications
Our implants cover orthopedic, cardiovascular, vascular, ophthalmic, gastrointestinal, bronchial, and more, ensuring high-quality solutions across various medical fields.
Miniature and micro mechanisms.
Expanding structures.
Remote controlled cutting, sampling, treatment devices.
Monitoring and guidance systems.
Various mechanical, electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical instruments.
Surgical apparatuses and applicators.
Diagnosis tools, mitigation, curing and therapeutic devices.
Drug delivery, reusable and disposable.
Ultrasound, Doppler, magnetic, RF, EEG, ECG.
Fetal, Infant, Cardio, Thermo, Blood flow, Blood sampling.
Spanning a broad array of technologies and disciplines for hair removal, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, cellulite reduction, and more.
Electrical, magnetic, RF, UV, ultrasound, laser, thermal and others.
Self-standing, table mounted consoles and enclosures.
Handles and applicators, mounting facilities, ergonomics.
Designated and customized beds, chairs and assistance equipment.

 Relevant Projects

We take great pride in our work. Check out our foremost projects encompassing state-of-the-art precision mechanics, high end control systems, automation, image processing and computerized vision.

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