We are dedicated to exceeding the vision of our customers.
We have made innovation our second nature, constantly searching for ingenious approach and implementing our creative skills to find unique and optimal solutions.
We specialize in finding the simplest, most effective and optimized solution to complex challenges in the field of multi-disciplinary product design.
Our line-up ranges from cutting edge, multi-disciplinary, high-end devices to the most basic parts and elements comprising the building blocks of each design.
We have both the knowledge and the experience in the design of integrated systems, combining state of the art mechanical design with advanced motion technology and control systems.

Mechanical design of high complexity mechanisms.
Multi-axis motorized systems.
Precision engineering technology.
High performance motion intensive control for stepper Piezo and servo.
Optimization algorithms.
Next generation medical devices and technology ranging from long term implants through invasive devices to peripheral and general equipment.
Opto-mechanical devices – CCD’s / lasers / motorized stages / fiber optics and more.
Customized electronics / hardware and PCB design / software / GUI and applications / MMI.
Spanning a broad array of technologies and disciplines for the printing industry.
Food and Chemicals.
Hydraulics and pneumatics.
Plastic and sheet metal for industrial design wrapping and packaging.
FEA and advanced CAD for design optimization and development acceleration.
Consumer products – design to cost effectiveness and mass production.
Our philosophy is to provide complete support throughout the entire development process:
Characterization & Specifications / Conceptualization / General, detailed final design / FEA optimization / Cost effective design / Prototype production & testing / Product evolution up to mass production.
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