ELLI•Q™ is an AI driven social robot for older adults aimed at reducing social isolation and loneliness by encouraging an active and engaged lifestyle. ELLI•Q™ seamlessly connects older adults with family and friends by making interactions with technology simple and intuitive, removing the complexity and frustration. This social companion adapts to the personalities and interests of the senior, recommending content they may enjoy such as news, music, TED talks and cognitive games. Communicating through body language, speech, sounds, light, and images. ELLI•Q™ also suggests activities in the physical outside world such as taking a walk, medicine reminders or just calling family members.


The Solution

To address the issue of limited engagement and isolation among older adults, the ELLI•Q™ AI social robot presents an innovative solution. ELLI•Q™ is designed to serve as a companion and facilitator, promoting an active and engaged lifestyle for seniors:

Personalized Interaction: ELLI•Q™ uses artificial intelligence to adapt to the personalities and interests of each senior user. By understanding their preferences, it recommends a variety of content such as news, music, TED talks, and cognitive games that align with their individual tastes, sparking interest and keeping them mentally stimulated.

Simplified Technology: Older adults often find modern technology complex and frustrating to use. ELLI•Q™ bridges this gap by providing a simple and intuitive interface that removes the complexity associated with using technology. Its user-friendly design enables seniors to easily connect with family and friends, fostering a sense of belonging.

Core Technologies:

Fetal Heart Rate sensor: Ultrasound Doppler, CW mode.
Maternal Heart Rate detection: Reflective Photo plethysmography
Motion Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer
Guided Search- HeraMED’s advanced smart search
Crosstalk Elimination- eliminating false detections of Maternal
Heart Rate
Wide Beam Ultrasound
Advanced algorithms for signal processing, data analysis and noise cancellation
Auto Gain Control


  • Device height: 270 mm
  • Device width: 375 mm
  • Device depth: 235 mm


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