Easily assist the expecting mother to measure her fetus’s heart rate safely and accurately, with the HeraMED’s BEAT™.

Dedicated design features proven ultrasound doppler and photo plethysmography technologies.
Optimized hardware and software.
Enhanced simplicity using advanced UI and a wide-beam ultrasound transducer.
Pleasant, compact packaging allows carrying the Compass™ wherever you go.

These features allow HeraMED’s elegant and friendly device to assist expecting mothers in maintaining confidence from numbers of what they already feel.


Client: HeraMED

The Challange we faced:

HeraBEAT is designed to reassure expectant mothers from the comfort of their own homes. HeraBEAT has been developed in collaboration with leading OB GYN experts to make sure it meets all the highly rigorous medical standards of ultrasound technology. Multiple clinical trials and Doctors who have tested HeraBEAT have confirmed its accuracy and recognize the value of home monitoring as a reassurance throughout the pregnancy.

Core Technologies:


88 x 37 mm, 3.5 x 1.5 inch (Diameter × Height, ±2mm)
Weight: ~130gr
Safety: CE Certified for personal continuous use. Tested according to
IEC/EN 60601-1, 60601-1-2, 60601-1-11, 60601-2-37
Enclosure Material: Biocompatible Polycarbonate plastic.


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