Professional and uncompromising services

Meytar R&D’s goal is becoming a leading autonomous research and development office, able to provide professional and uncompromising services.

Medical Devices

Meytar R&D have acquired vast experience, extensive knowledge and well established methodical work procedures in the medical devices field according to international standards, in various medical applications:


  • Long and short-term implantable elements.
  • Permanent and/or bio-degradable.
  • Stents and stent delivery systems.
  • Orthopedic, cardio, vascular, ophthalmic, gastro, bronchial and more.

Laparoscopic and Endoscopic:

  • Miniature and micro mechanisms.
  • Expanding structures.
  • Remote controlled cutting, sampling, treatment devices.
  • Monitoring and guidance systems.


  • Various mechanical, electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical instruments.
  • Surgical apparatuses and applicators.
  • Diagnosis tools, mitigation, curing and therapeutic devices.
  • Drug delivery, reusable and disposable.

Aesthetics and Cosmetics:

  • Spanning a broad array of technologies and disciplines for hair removal, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, cellulite reduction, and more.
  • Electrical, magnetic, RF, UV, ultrasound, laser, thermal and others.

Diagnosis, Monitoring and Scanning:

  • Ultrasound, Doppler, magnetic, RF, EEG, ECG.
  • Fetal, Infant, Cardio, Thermo, Blood flow, Blood sampling.

Electronic Packaging and Peripheral Equipment:

  • Self-standing, table mounted consoles and enclosures.
  • Handles and applicators, mounting facilities, ergonomics.
  • Designated and customized beds, chairs and assistance equipment.
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hi – tech

We are dedicated to exceeding the vision of our customers.
We have made innovation our second nature, constantly searching for ingenious approach and implementing our creative skills to find unique and optimal solutions.
We specialize in finding the simplest, most effective and optimized solution to complex challenges in the field of multi-disciplinary product design.
Our line-up ranges from cutting edge, multi-disciplinary, high-end devices to the most basic parts and elements comprising the building blocks of each design.
We have both the knowledge and the experience in the design of integrated systems, combining state of the art mechanical design with advanced motion technology and control systems.

TDP – Total Development Process

Our philosophy is to provide complete support throughout the entire development process:

  • Characterization & Specifications / Conceptualization / General, detailed final design / FEA optimization / Cost effective design / Prototype production & testing / Product evolution up to mass production.

The Range

  • Mechanical design of high complexity mechanisms.
  • Multi-axis motorized systems.
  • Precision engineering technology.
  • High performance motion intensive control for stepper Piezo and servo.
  • Optimization algorithms.
  • Next generation medical devices and technology ranging from long term implants through invasive devices to peripheral and general equipment.
  • Opto-mechanical devices – CCD’s / lasers / motorized stages / fiber optics and more.
  • Customized electronics / hardware and PCB design / software / GUI and applications / MMI.
  • Spanning a broad array of technologies and disciplines for the printing industry.
  • Food and Chemicals.
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Plastic and sheet metal for industrial design wrapping and packaging.
  • FEA and advanced CAD for design optimization and development acceleration.
  • Consumer products – design to cost effectiveness and mass production.
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Life Science

One of the most important fields today is the broad family of clean technologies.
Meytar R&D reflects its efficient approach in projects which are part of this family, promoting the harnessing of renewable energies and the reducing of natural resources.
Our company had shown wide skill set and design excellence in the field of clean technologies, in a large variety of areas:

  • Miniature and micro mechanisms.
  • Electric motors.
  • Solar energy.
  • Green chemistry.
  • Clean rooms.
  • Green transportation.
  • Clean assembly lines.
  • Clean automatic processes.
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Consumer Products

Meytar R&D implements its innovation and ingenuity into design of every-day use products that may occupy normal households.
These guidelines are reflected in every product designed by Meytar, through high-end components, optimal handling for the end-user, modern industrial design and overall uniqueness of each and every product.
Our company had obtained vast experience and extensive knowledge in the field of consumer products, in a broad variety of areas:

  • Fitness and Sports.
  • Disposables and single-use products.
  • Home appliances and gadgets.
  • Communications and Cellular.
  • Military and Security.
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Industrial Design

When designing a product Meytar R&D always makes sure the design is whole; in order to build excitement around a solution.
Meytar R&D approaches all of our projects with sensibly informed creativity. Our proven design methodology employs our customer’s values, vision and innovation. The result of our methodology’s output is a creative innovative and appealing real world solution. Meytar R&D’s designs help build a synergy between users, objects and their environments.
Our company always keeps appearances, user experience and ergonomics as a top priority in our designs, in order to give them the extra edge. We take an integrated approach when designing our customer’s products.

Meytar R&D provides a wide spectrum of Industrial Design services, such as:

  • Market Research
  • Functional Requirements Analysis
  • End User Usability
  • Ergonomics
  • Manufacturability
  • Conceptual Sketching
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering
  • 3D Printing
  • Rapid Prototyping
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Meytar R&D has vast experience and expertise in performing complex FEA/CFD simulation, a complementary stage of many complex design projects.

Performing computational simulations based on final elements is a crucial stage of our design process. Our company utilizes our expertise in these fields in order to provide an optimal solution to our customers. Our FEA solutions allow for detailed simulations of how our projects will perform in the real world already during our preliminary design process.
Meytar R&D implements CFD software in order to provide solutions to intricate thermal management and fluid dynamics problems. Our CFD services help our customers achieve demanding thermal performance requirements and thus have a leading product in a competitive market.

Meytar R&D provides the following computational simulations services:

  • Market Research
  • Static mechanical simulations
  • Dynamic mechanical simulations
  • Thermal conduction simulations
  • Thermal convection simulations
  • Fluid flow simulations
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Product Development

Meytar R&D has successfully completed the process of bringing a new product to market numerous times.

Our product development process always puts our customers’ needs and their success as a top priority. Our development methodology has a proven record of balancing the challenging constraints of time, cost and quality. Meytar R&D accordance with our customers; we excel the product development process will aiming for a larger market share.

Our time-tested experience gives our customers the needed edge in today’s competitive market.  Knowing that every product is unique, thus we tailor our methodology accordingly. Our methodology ensures that our customer’s unique projects are on-time, on-budget and meet their design requirement.

Meytar R&D provides complete product development services:

  • Product initiation and conception
  • Product planning and definition
  • Product launch
  • Product control and oversite
  • Product closure
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