Meytar R&D has gained vast knowledge and cultivated its abilities over a broad range of disciplines. Our team of talented development engineers combines some of the best minds in the industry to fully establish a system overview for your project. Explore our capabilities through numerous projects completed successfully.
Meytar R&D’s goal is to be a leading autonomous research and development office, providing professional and uncompromising services.

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What We Do

Meytar R&D sets its goal in being a leading, autonomous design and development company, constantly providing uncompromising professional engineering services. We offer a complete and sole engineering source, to answer the wholesome of our clients’ needs in the development of products and projects.

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Our Clients:

Since Meytar’s early years, we have been fortunate to work with great clients spread across many categories ranging all company sizes. From startup companies, to large international corporations, we are always ready for the next challenge.

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The Team

Our dedicated staff includes professionals from different areas of mechanical engineering. Spanning mechanical design engineers, material and polymer experts, motion control and electronics designers and industrial designers. We believe in passionate, talented, client oriented, driven individuals and promote high degree of personal responsibility, while keeping synchronized team work.

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