Novia Water Bar

Client: Neviot Date: March 2017

Bar height: 45 cm
Bar width: 30.5 cm
Bar depth: 47.5 cm

  • The compact and convenient package contains 7.25 liters of pure Neviot’s mineral water – supplied from the depth of the Galilee and into Neviot’s bags, all the way to the consumer’s doorstep.
  • Smart, multi-lingual and accessible operating system, featuring 4 different languages – Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic.
  • User friendly and colorful touch screen – one touch activation for automated pouring of pre-defined water volume, or manual pouring of the desired water volume.
  • Baby bottle function – Custom water volume and temperature are easily modified with Novia, for optimal conditions for the consumers’ preferences.
  • Automated Sanitation Process – hands free and completely automatic process which preserves the quality of the water and the water line for the entire life span of the water bar, so the consumer could benefit the high quality of the mineral water, all the time, always.
  • Energy Saving – built in the hardware and reduces energy consumption in accordance to the consumers’ needs. The function is programmable and can be switched between one-time state or cycled program with preset timing.
  • Child Lock – For a safe control while handling hot or cold water.